Customs Regulations

Upon entering Argentina, you MAY bring:

Without paying a duty

From Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay

From other countries

Alcoholic Beverages

1 bottle

2 bottles


1 carton

2 cartons





2 kilos

5 kilos


1 bottle

2 bottles

Other items

Up to US $150 (by land)

Up to US $300 (by air)

Up to US$ 300 (by air and sea)

The use of each of the exemptions for the previously established amounts, is per individual, and can not be considered as an overall total.

The following may also enter the country without payment of a duty:

Goods in use such as articles of clothing, toiletries, articles for personal consumption, use and adornment; including personal jewellery, books, magazines and documents in general; babies’ prams and wheel chairs for the disabled, all provided that they do not enter the country for commercial or industrial purposes.

with a duty payment of 50%, if you intend to sell the item or leave it in the country for someone else's use (if you do not, please remember to declare the item upon arrival and show the declaration together with the item when leaving, to be exempt from this tax):

  • TV, audio and video equipment

  • Musical instruments

  • Photography, cinematic, and optical equipment

  • Clocks and watches

  • Computer and telephone equipment

  • Medical and Surgical equipment

  • Electric and/or mechanical machines and appliances

  • Parts, accessories and spares for these articles

Of these articles only one unit per person may enter.

Retain and present the corresponding receipt of purchase.

You MAY NOT bring:

  • Merchandise that does not constitute luggage

  • Firearms (without authorisation from the Competent Body), explosives, inflammables, drugs.

  • Merchandise prohibited for import for non-economic reasons

Regulations for the Inspection of Luggage. Green and red channel system.

Upon arrival in the country, and after picking up their luggage, the passengers must go to the customs inspection zone near the exit.

There the option will be offered to the passenger to follow one of two inspection channels: the green if he is not carrying items subject to the payment of duties, or the red when the items being carried are subject to the payment of taxes.

In order to determine which passengers will be inspected, each one presses in turn a button that will light up a red or a green light according to the case. The green light allows the passenger to continue freely. The red light indicates that the luggage should be inspected upon leaving the channel.

The staff assigned to the customs control in each channel can order the inspection of suspicious passengers or luggage.

In the case that a passenger is stopped in the green channel, and is carrying goods that are subject to the payment of duties and have not been declared, the corresponding act will be prepared, and the goods confiscated.

Travelers that enter the country temporarily, to study or carry out professional activities can bring temporarily:

  • Motor vehicles in general

  • Motorcycles

  • Motor scooters

  • Motorised bicycles

  • Motors for boats

  • Aquatic motors and similar

  • Mobile homes

  • Airships

  • All types of boats

  • Scientific or professional instruments and other goods to be used by the traveller.

The temporary entry will be accomplished in accordance with the specific rules that correspond in each case.

Information can be obtained from the Customs offices.

List of Goods that are of no Quarantine Concern

  • Oils of vegetable origin (foods, cosmetics, medicines, etc.) solids or liquids

  • Vegetable essences (colourings, flavourings, etc.)

  • Vacuum-packed products

  • Tinned products

  • Pickled and other conserved products

  • Packed spices

  • Chocolates

  • Processed and packed mate herb

  • Powdered ice cream and desserts, packed

  • Packed starches

  • Butter and cocoa paste

  • Small handicrafts or products made from vegetable fibres (mats, carpets, hats, baskets, etc.)

  • Instant coffee

  • Roasted and ground coffee

  • Packed and refined sugar and glucose

  • Cigarettes and cigars.

We keep these regulations updated but because such regulations are subject to change without notice, we strongly recommend you to consult your local embassy or consulate before you make your move.
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