Prohibitted: None

Alcohol and Wine

Subject to payment of duties

Dangerous Goods and Firearms

Importation prohibited: explosives, fireworks, clasp- knives

Diplomatic Removals

Import declaration

Dogs, Cats, Birds

Import license required

The importation of dogs and cats is permitted, subject to the usual quarantine for 1 month in licensed and approved premises

Feathers, Furs, Skins, Tusks

Import license required

To be inspected by Customs Office and Agriculture & Fisheries Dept. together

Household Goods and Personal Effects

Required Documents: (1) Inventory of the goods (2) If description is shown as only electrical appliances or clothing, an import license must be obtained before clearance. A general description of used household goods and personal effects is preferred.

Import declaration

Plants and Vegetable Products

Import license required 7 Working days is required for application of a Plant Import License

Vehicles and Boats

Required Documents: (1) Original purchase invoice (2) Insurance certificate (3) Deregistration certificate etc. (4) Certificate of registration showing the dimensions of Boats to be submitted to Marine Department for application of import permit within 24 hours from arrival

First registration fee :( 1) Depreciation 25% per year (after manufacture.) (2)After depreciation: a) value not exceeding HKD30, 000 should pay 80% of amount. b) Value exceeding HKD30, 000 should pay 90% of amount. Vehicles over 10 years difficult to obtain insurance policy.


We keep these regulations updated but because such regulations are subject to change without notice, we strongly recommend you to consult your local embassy or consulate before you make your move.
# 1 Directory of International Movers is not responsible for any loss resulting from the use of these customs information.



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