Security checks on travellers

Customs and Currency Regulations

There are no limits on importing Euro or other currencies. Exporting currency from Italy is free up to a maximum of 10.000 Euro or the equivalent in foreign currency. Customs authorization is required for higher sums.

The Italian customs authorities allow duty-free importation of the following articles (for non-commercial reasons and subject to declaration at the frontier): 200 cigarettes or 100 small cigars or 50 cigars or 250 gr. of loose tobacco; 1 liter of alcohol over 22 degrees or 2 liters of alcohol under 22 degrees; 2 liters of wine; 50 cc of perfume; 500 gr. of coffee.

Tourists from EU countries can import larger quantities of duty-free goods (enquire at customs). In addition to personal effects, visitors are also allowed to bring in jewelry, two cameras, one video camera, one radio, one television, one tape recorder, one bicycle, one boat (with or without motor), two pairs of skis, two tennis rackets, one canoe, one surf board. These limits apply only to non-EU citizens.


We keep these regulations updated but because such regulations are subject to change without notice, we strongly recommend you to consult your local embassy or consulate before you make your move.
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