Questions concerning entry into Switzerland (visa formalities, customs and currency regulations, etc.) may be submitted to the appropriate Swiss embassy or consulate in the country of origin. NB:

The following provisions only apply for EU/EFTA nationals.


Currency: There are no special restrictions on the importation into Switzerland of currency that is admitted as legal tender. You should, however, respect your national regulations on the exportation of currency.

Trading in financial investments (cash, securities and other forms of investment) between Switzerland and the European Union is free of restrictions; such transactions need not be declared to the authorities and they are free of customs duty.

For further information you are recommended to contact the Swiss Customs Administration or to speak directly to your bank.

Removal goods: In general, the importation into Switzerland of goods destined for your personal use or for the use of your family is exempt from duty.

Regarded as “removal goods” are personal effects as well as objects required for the personal exercise of your profession or for the personal operation of your enterprise which you have used abroad for at least six months and which you intend to continue using in Switzerland.

Certain conditions are linked to the right to exemption from duty:

• the person immigrating has to undertake to continue using his/her goods personally;

• the resettlement articles are to be imported during the period within which the change of domicile takes place;

• for exemption from duty, please apply at the time of importation using the form entitled “Declaration/

Application for clearance of household effects” (to save time, you are recommended to download this form from the Internet and complete it before going through customs);

• the customs authorities require a detailed list of the objects to be imported, your Swiss residence permit, employment contract, tenancy agreement as well as the above-mentioned (duly completed) form. You are also recommended to enclose any invoices for furniture or personal equipment as proof of the date purchased).

Plants: Plants imported for your personal use are largely exempt from prior control by the Plant Protection Service (for exceptions please see the Internet page of the Federal Customs Administration).

The importation of plants into Switzerland is exempt from customs duty but is subject to a value added tax (VAT) amounting to 2.4%.

For any further information please contact the Federal Office for Agriculture or one of the Customs Authorities in your area.

Domestic animals: Dogs and domestic cats coming from the European Economic Area may be brought into Switzerland without a permit. Nevertheless, they must undergo a veterinary control at the border if they are unaccompanied or if more than three animals are imported at the same time.

Cats and dogs to be imported into Switzerland require additionally a veterinary certificate confirming that they have been vaccinated against rabies. Guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice, canaries, aquarium fish and rabbits may be imported (in consignments not exceeding three specimens) without a permit and without a veterinary control at the border.

The importation of domestic animals is exempt from customs duty; however, a value added tax of 7.6% is to be paid (the presentation of a receipt will simplify customs clearance!). With regard to the importation of other animals, you are recommended to contact the Federal Veterinary Office or, for the importation of horses, the Federal Office for Agriculture.

Cars: When importing an untaxed vehicle into Switzerland, please report this at the border for customs clearance without being requested to do so.

Vehicles imported as removal goods are admitted free of duty (exemption from customs duty, vehicle tax and VAT) if the person importing the vehicle furnishes proof that he/she has used it for at least six months before moving his/her domicile to Switzerland.

The following documents are to be presented at the customs office:

• vehicle licence

• passport or identity card

• invoice or purchase contract

• declaration/application for clearance of household effects (this document is also available at Swiss representations abroad)

• a document furnishing proof of the change of domicile (residence permit, employment contract, tenancy agreement, etc.)

For vehicles with German registration plates, the document “Kraftfahrzeugbrief” is also to be submitted.

For Italian number-plates, the document “Foglio complementare” is to be submitted.

After entering Switzerland, you are also requested to report your vehicle to the Motor Vehicle Control Office for a technical test.


We keep these regulations updated but because such regulations are subject to change without notice, we strongly recommend you to consult your local embassy or consulate before you make your move.
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