Please review the following guidelines for packing your own personal effects and household goods for your upcoming move.

Make sure the contents of all boxes are carefully wrapped.

Seal all boxes with strapping tape

Furniture should be wrapped with corrugated cardboard and/or old sheets, blankets, and towels. Pay particular attention to delicate areas such as the tops of furniture and legs.

Bookshelves should be removed and wrapped separately.

Dresser, desk, cabinet drawers should be emptied and the contents should be boxed separately. This makes moving the piece easier, and is required for custom clearance at port of destination.

Glass shelves and tops should be wrapped with plastic bubble wrap, which can be purchased in any home improvement or moving supply store. 1 large roll should be enough for your packing needs

Paintings/Posters/Pictures with glass protection should be bubble wrapped and for extra protection you may use a picture box, which can be purchased, at any moving supply center.

Oil Paintings should be wrapped with paper onlyo on the surface of the pictures and placed in the picture box.

For custom purposes at the country of destination, please make sure to make a detailed inventory for your shipment. Every piece of furniture should be numbered and written separately on your inventory sheet. Every box must be numbered and the contents of the box should be written on the box in general terms (i.e. "glassware", "clothing", etc.) You may use removable stickers to number your household goods and personal effects. These can be purchased in any office supply store.

If your shipment is loaded into an exclusive container with door to port or door-to-door service, no crating is necessary. You may want to use a crate for very expensive, delicate items being loaded into the container that may need extra protection. If you require any crates, please call your sales consultant to discuss the best way to load your container in the most efficient, safe way.

If your shipment is consolidated into one of our consolidated containers for shipment as a "LCL" (less container load shipment), you may bring your household goods and personal effects to our warehouse for crating and/or palletizing. If you prefer, you can request pick-up from your sales consultant.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not put any plastic material on top of oil picture or wood to prevent water stain from condensation.

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